Don’t Dare Die Unprepared – Reviews

Don’t Dare Die Unprepared – The most important book you will ever own – In the media:


Yediot Achronot – Israel’s Popular Daily Newspaper

“The author, Avichai Schmidt, justifiably argues that people prepare for every stage of life in the most precise way – from kindergarten until the birth of their children. But for the most critical stage of life, namely the end, we tend not to prepare.”

Yediot Achronot’s ‘Zmanim Bri’im’ Health supplement

“Fun it isn’t, but smart it is: the book explains how to put in order everything you will leave behind for when the time comes—from memories to life insurance.”

“…To his credit, Schmidt has certainly done a most impressive, thorough and comprehensive investigative work.”

Haaretz Newspaper – ‘Sixties’ Supplement

“This book, the first and only one of its kind in the world, is designed and written for each one of the billions of people living in today’s modern world. The purpose of this book is to help organize the appropriate administrative and financial conduct of every person now, in the present (for peace of mind and to be free from worries for the rest of one’s life), as well as for once they are gone, out of concern for the financial future and welfare of those left behind.”

TheMarker — Daily Economic Supplement of Haaretz

“… He does so comprehensively, touching on all life’s aspects. The book clarifies the issues of estates and wills in a thorough and clear manner. Did you know, for example, what happens to debts after death? Or that you can have an oral will? Or what is allowed or forbidden to bequeath? And more and more details that no one thinks about and which, when I read them, I realized that although I am always sure that I know everything, so no. I don’t know everything.”

La Isha – the most popular women’s magazine in Israel

“The book’s title leaves no room for evasion: The book reminds us about what we prefer to forget: the need to deal with, organize and update everything before the arrival of the “day of reckoning”. And an important suggestion: Document everything we know about the family for future generations.”

Medor Ledor (From General to Generation) – family magazine – Book of the Month

“Don’t Dare Die Unprepared”, by Avichai Schmidt, is the complete introductory guide to all life’s dramatic events and is designed to meet all the needs of family conduct for dealing with disaster.”

YNET – Popular Israeli News and Current Events Website

“The book, Don’t Dare Die Unprepared’, by Avichai Schmidt, lays out the appropriate bureaucratic conduct prior to one’s death. It is a guide for organizing personal and financial information and for the proper personal and financial conduct, including explanations as to the differences between insurance policies, savings plans, provident and pension funds, types of securities, wills and estates, and their actual meaning.”

Arutz 7 – News Portal

“The book is very detailed, laid out by topics and tips. Not everybody needs every detail in the book, but everyone needs emphases in one direction or another, requiring a diversity of issues for different populations.”

Radio Kol Hazafon (Voice of the North)

“…there’s not a family in which, when a mother or father passes away, the demons don’t start dancing and disputes don’t arise surrounding the property and possessions, and this book – in a very informative, simple and clear manner – makes order.”

“You should abandon all your prejudices and denials, and leave matters—even after we are gone—organized and orderly, so as not to hurt anyone, and so that a positive relationship between family members is maintained.”

TV Channel 2

“Anyone who does not prepare for death is basically abandoning his loved ones and sentencing them to a difficult period of sorrowful undertakings, and even disputes, as they attempt to sort out the mess left behind by the deceased.”